From left to right, Alessandro, Federico, Stefano and Alberto

Born in 2006, Banana Mayor is a post-stoner-rock band from Italy.

In 2008 the band gave birth to its first release “Confused Mind”, a four-track mixture of funky, stoner and alternative metal heavily influenced by Tool, Primus, Faith No More and Rage Against The Machine.

After a couple of years and a bunch of shows the band took a break that last about two years.

In 2012 the band restart and wrote stuff for a new record, “Zombie's Revenge”, composed of seven heavy tracks of stoner, alternative and post-metal released in 2014 and critically well reviewed.

In 2015 Banana Mayor wrote and recorded a new record, “Primary Colours Part I: The Red”, out in April 2016 via Karma Conspiracy Records.




In the band since the beginning, in 2006, Stefano is the lead vocalist, lyricist and frontamn of Banana Mayor.

He also draws artworks like Zombie’s Revenge cover.

Stefano is inspired by Mike Patton, Phil Anselmo, Bruce Dickinson and Zack De La Rocha, and his favourite band is Pink Floyd.


Stefano loves Salvador Dalì and ‘90 britpop. So if you go for a ride in his car you will listen all time to Blur’s Country House!




Co-founder of Banana Mayor, Alberto is the guitarist, lyricist and main songwriter of the band.

He creates band’s graphics, posters and artworks.

He’s inspired by Jerry Cantrell, Toni Iommi, Tom Morello, David Gilmour, Mike McCready and many more, and his favourite band is Alice In Chains.


Alberto loves tennis and John McEnroe. So please, don’t get involved in a match with him because he could smash your racquet and swear against your family!




Long time friend of the band members, Federico joined Banana Mayor in 2012.

Bassist and songwriter, he's influenced by legends like Geezer Butler and Geddy Lee.


Federico loves italian cult movies and black music, so please don't mess up with him if you don't want to get involved in an endless conversation about Mario Bava or George Clinton!



Drummer and songwriter, Alessandro is in the band since 2007.

His drumming style is influenced by amazing drummers like Danny Carey, Gavin Harrison, Jean Paul Gaster and Vinnie Paul, and his favourite band is Tool.


Alessandro loves his beard and his tattoos.

So please, don’t tell him that you don’t like them.

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